Articles accepted to appear in forthcoming issues

On warped product super generalized recurrent manifolds
Absos Ali Shaikh, Haradhan Kundu, Md. Showkat Ali
Almost Ricci solitons and concircular vector fields
Dilek Açikgöz Kaya, Leyla Onat
Positive periodic solutions for an iterative differential equation related to a discrete derivatives sequence
Hou Yu Zhao
Cesàro integrability and Tauberian theorems in Quantum Calculus
İbrahim Çanak, Ümit Totur, Sefa Anil Sezer
Complex line q-integrals and q-Green’s formula on the plane
İlker Gençtürk, Kerim Koca, Mustafa Aydin
On porosity-convergence of real valued sequences
Maya Altinok, Mehmet Küçükaslan
A note on primary spectrum over commutative rings
Neslihan Aysen Özkirişci, Zeliha Kılıç, Suat Koç
The k-step Fibonacci sequences via Hurwitz matrices
Ömür Deveci, Yeşim Aküzüm, Güventürk Uğurlu
PR-pseudo-slant warped product submanifold of a nearly paracosymplectic manifold
S. K. Srivastava, A. Sharma, S. K. Tiwari
On the ill-posedness of the cubic nonlinear Schrödinger equation on the circle
Tadahiro Oh, Yuzhao Wang
The Periods of The k-Step Fibonacci and k-Step Pell Sequences in $D_{2n}\times {\mathbb{Z}}_{2^{i}}$ and $D_{2n}\times _{\varphi}{\mathbb{Z}}_{2^{i}}$
Ömür Deveci, Metin Avcı, Erdal Karaduman
Essential spectra and drazin invertibility of quasi-similar closed operators
Ghouti Djellouli, Abdelhalim Azzouz, Bekkai Messirdi
Lorentzian Stationary Surfaces and Null Curves in 4-dimensional Space Forms of Index 2
Makoto Sakaki
Wavelet frame characterization of Lebesgue spaces on local fields
Firdous A. Shah, Shallu Sharma, M. Younus Bhat
Generalized para-coKähler structures
Niloufar Kashani, Fereshteh Malek
Uniqueness results related to certain q-shift difference polynomials
Pulak Sahoo, Himadri Karmakar
Directed weak and directed Dold fibrations
I. Pop
The center map of a centroaffine ruled surface
Atsushi Fujioka, Hitoshi Furuhata
Rings with very few nilpotents
Grigore Călugăreanu