Our mission

Our goal is to train specialists in mathematics and informatics. Our students have the possibility to work, after graduation, in universities, research centers, secondary schools and high schools (as mathematics teachers), IT industry, banks, private business etc.

The Faculty of Mathematics has been part of the Al. I. Cuza University since its foundation in 1860. It was, initially, a section of the Faculty of Philosophy, then of the Faculty of Sciences. Later it became an independent faculty of the university.

Our faculty provides a fundamental training for the students, through courses in pure mathematics, applied mathematics and informatics. The students have also the possibility to specialize in various fields, by participating in special courses and master programs.

In time, the quality of the professors activating in our faculty has placed it among the best in the country. The main research directions have been initiated by celebrated scientists, members of the Academy, who were or still are professors of the Faculty of Mathematics in Iasi: A. Myller, O. Mayer, C. Popovici, S. Sanielevici, D. Mangeron, G. Vrânceanu, Gr. Moisil, M. Haimovici, C. Corduneanu, R. Miron, V. Barbu.

This tradition has a remarkable continuity, as several mathematicians with a recognized activity at national and international level are members of our faculty. Also, many of our former students are working in prestigious universities and research centers around the world, confirming the high standard of the school of mathematics in Iasi.

The research as well as the teaching activity enjoys an important support from the "Al. Myller" Mathematical Seminar, one of the most complete mathematical libraries in the country.

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