Our history

High quality, tradition and modernity under one name

Faculty of Mathematics of Iasi

Short history:

  • One of the oldest faculties in the university: it was created in 1860 as a section of the Faculty of Philosophy
  • After World War II it was modernized and opened towards informatics and other applications of mathematics
  • It is one of the best schools of mathematics in Romania

History details:

The first modern university in Romania was founded in Iasi, in 1860, by a decree of Al. I. Cuza. An advanced training in mathematics in Iasi was possible even before that (D. Asachi had publishes mathematics books in Iasi in the 1840's). Hence mathematics, in 1860, already had a history, if not a tradition. Until 1864 mathematics, physics and natural sciences have been parts of the second section of the Faculty of Philosophy.

The Education Law in 1864 established a new Faculty of Sciences with three sections: Mathematics, Physics and Natural sciences. The professors of the section of mathematics had studied at the Sorbonne University in Paris. The Education Law from 1898, when the Minister of the education was the mathematician S. Haret, required that the professors of the university had to have an original scientific activity, along with the teaching one. The new professors had doctoral studies in German and French universities and published researched papers in the mathematical journals of that time and, after 1900, also in the Annals of the University of Iasi.

A very important role in modernizing the mathematical research in Iasi was held by Professor A. Myller, member of the Romanian Academy. Former student of the well-known school of mathematics in Gottingen, A. Myller was appointed as a professor of the University of Iasi in 1910.At the University of Iasi, the first degree of Ph. D. in mathematics was awarded to O. Maier in 1920.As a consequence of the Reform of the Education system in 1948, the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics disjoined from the Faculty of Sciences and existed until 1962, when it separated into Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics and Faculty of Physics. The two structures were forced to join in 1986, until 1989 when the Faculty of Mathematics was created.

During all these years the school of mathematics in Iasi contributed to the creation and the development of important research directions. We mention the relevant work of: A. Myller, Octav Mayer, C. Popovici, S. Sanielevici, M. Haimovici,A. Haimovici, D. Mangeron şi alţii. Li s-au alăturat: D. Pompei, T. Popovici, S. Stoilow, G. Moisil, Gh. Vrănceanu, I. Popa, Gh. Gheorghiev. The research and the teaching activity of our professors places the faculty among the best in the country. The school of mathematics in Iasi is represented by highly appreciated mathematicians working in our faculty or in prestigious universities and research centers around the world.

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