The spaces used by the Faculty of Mathematics

The teaching and research activities take place in the space assigned to the Faculty of Mathematics within the "Al. I. Cuza" Iaşi.

The faculty has three lecture halls, totalizing 507 places, seven seminary rooms, four computer science laboratories, a numerical analysis laboratory, a mechanics laboratory, the Planetarium used for astronomy (with 55 places) and the Astronomic Observatory.

The space legally belongs to "Al. I. Cuza" University.

No. Name No. of places Building
1 II.4 Lecture Hall 105 A
2 I.3 Lecture Hall 84 A
3 II.5 Lecture Hall 70 A
4 2.1 Room 52 A
5 2.4 Room 30 A
6 2.5 Room 30 A
7 2.6 Room 24 A
8 Laboratory 1 30 A
9 Laboratory 2 30 A
10 Laboratory 3 35 A
11 Laboratory 4 30 A
12 Astronomic Observatory 75 A
13 Planetarium 55 A

The spaces have been specially built for teaching activities, being equipped with specific equipments (lighting systems, running water, protection, etc.).

The lecture halls and the seminary rooms are endowed with specific good quality, resistant, properly maintained furniture (desks, chairs, minimum 2 square metres surface blackboard). The lighting system and the windows assure a suitable lighting. The heating installation is efficient.

The computer science laboratories benefit of five IBM compatible computer networks.

The mechanics laboratory is endowed with specific furniture, with experiments performing devices, with a force installation, protection circuits, running water and computers.

The Planetarium, situated in Building A of the "Al. I. Cuza", has 55 places and is equipped with complete modern appliances.

The Astronomic Observatory, situated up the Copou hill, benefits from an optimum position for astronomic observations and measurements. To this end, it is endowed with a computer network and all the devices specific to an astronomic observatory.

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