Doctoral School

Doctoral field: Mathematics

The PhD degree is a full-time, three year programme and it is addressed to students who have received a MSc or equivalent degree in Mathematics. In the first year, the PhD students attend advanced courses in their areas of specialization. Then, they must carry their own research programme and to complete the thesis.

The PhD program in Mathematics offers high-quality classes in various research areas concerning algebraic geometry, analysis, commutative algebra, differential geometry, geometric topology, group and representation theory, number theory, partial diferential equations, probability, and statistics. The PhD supervisors are renowned specialists in their fields of expertise. Their research interests cover several modern directions in Mathematics. They have published scientific papers in the best mathematical journals and monographs by the most prestigious publishing houses: Springer Verlag, Kluwer Acad. Publ., Birkhauser, World Scientific, etc. Their scientific results have been cited thousands of times. The research activity enjoys an important support from the "Al. Myller" Mathematical Seminar, one of the most complete mathematical libraries in Romania.


Professor Sebastian ANIŢA; +040232201229
     Partial Differential Equations; Nonlinear Functional Analysis; Control and Stabilization for Reaction-Diffusion Systems; Mathematical Biology

Professor Mircea BÎRSAN
     Mechanics of solids; Theory of Elasticity and Thermoelasticity; Theory of media with microstructure and the theory of shells and plates

Professor Ioan BUCĂTARU; +040232201214
     Differential Geometry; Geometric Structures for Differential Equation Fields

Professor Ovidiu CÂRJĂ; +040232201231
     Differential Equations; Optimal Control Problems; Controllability and Time Optimal Control; Viability and Invariance for Differential Inclusions; Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equations

Professor Marius DUREA; +040232201222
     Variational Analysis; Regularity of Set-valued Mappings; Scalar and Vector Optimization; Set-valued Optimization

Professor Dorel FETCU; +040742911410
     Differential Geometry; Geometric Analysis

Professor Violeta FOTEA; +040232201210
     Algebra; Hyperstuctures; Fuzzy Systems

Associate Professor Cătălin GALEŞ; +040232201226
     Celestial mechanics; Astrodynamics; Hamiltonian mechanics; Mechanics of deformable solids

Professor Teodor HAVÂRNEANU; +040232201224
     Differential Equations; Optimal Control; Integro-differential Equations with Delay; Hamilton-Jacobi Equations; Controllability of Fluid Dynamics

Professor Cătălin-George LEFTER; +040232201223
     Partial Differential Equations; Control Theory; Fluid Dynamics Equations; Variational Methods for Elliptic Nonlinear Equations; Controllability of Parabolic Equations

Professor Răzvan-Dinu LIŢCANU; +040232201061
     Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry; Arakelov Theory; Arithmetic of Covers of Curves; Belyi Functions, Dessins d'enfants; Differential Operators on Algebraic Curves; Algebraic Stacks

Professor Marian MUNTEANU; +040232201214
     Differential Geometry; Contact Geometry; Riemannian Geometry

Professor Cezar ONICIUC; +040232201232
     Biharmonic Maps; Harmonic Maps; Riemannian Geometry

Professor Cătălin POPA; +040232201224
     Partial Differential Equations; Control Theory; Hamilton-Jacobi Equations; Variational Inequalities; Equations of Fluid Dynamics; Controllability Problems

Professor Marius TĂRNĂUCEANU; +040232201210
     Group theory; Lattice theory

Associate Professor Eugen VĂRVĂRUCĂ; 0232/201232
     Partial Differential Equations; Nonlinear Analysis; Free-Boundary Problems in Fluid Dynamics; Theory of Water Waves

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