Research School


  1. Viorel BARBU - Deterministic Methods in Existence of SDEs
  2. Rainer BUCKDAHN - Stochastic differential equations with/without Isaacs conditions
  3. Ovidiu CÂRJĂ - Viability for Differential Inclusions
  4. Youssef OUKNINE - Local time techniques in SDEs and applications
  5. Shige PENG - Control and Games under Uncertainty - Using G-expectation Theory
  6. Szymon PESZAT - Long Time Behaviour of SDEs and SPDES
  7. Aurel RĂŞCANU – Stochastic Variational Inequalities
  8. Michael RÖCKNER - Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
  9. Liviu NICOLAESCU - Random functions and their critical points
  10. Gabriel TURINICI - Numerical Approaches for Nonlinear Control Problems
  11. Constantin ZALINESCU - Elements of Nonlinear Analysis

The programme can be found here.

All lectures will hold in Amphitheater I.3



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