Research School

Contributed talks

  1. Jan BARTEK - Fractional Stochastic Porous Medium Equation
  2. Irina CĂPRARU - Comparison result for a reaction-difussion inclusion
  3. Cristina DI GIROLAMI - Stochastic calculus for non-semimartingales in Banach spaces and an infinite dimensional PDE
  4. Bakarime DIOMANDE - Maximum principle for optimal control problems subject to stochastic variational inequalities with delay
  5. Iryna DUBOVETSKA - Linear Prediction Problem for Periodically Correlated Stochastic Sequences
  6. Stefan GEISS - BSDEs and fractional smoothness
  7. Mariusz GÓRAJSKI - Ergodic properties of stochastic delay equations in Lp Banach spaces
  8. Dan GOREAC - Linear Programming Approach to Stochastic Control
  9. Christine GRÜN - Dynkin games with incomplete information
  10. Elena ISSOGLIO - SDEs in Banach spaces driven by cylindrical fBm
  11. Alexandru LAZARI - Evolution time of the generalized stochastic systems with final sequence states
  12. Hanbing LIU - Optimal boundary feedback control of time-periodic Stokes-Oseen equations
  13. Tianyang NIE - Fractional BSDEs and BSVIs
  14. Victor POSTOLACHE - Invariance for fully nonlinear differential inclusions
  15. Vladyslav TOMASHYK - Optimal Stopping and Exit Times for Some Classes of Random Processes
  16. Petr VEVERKA - Sufficient Maximum Principle for Nonlinear Discounted Control Problems
  17. Juan YANG - Invariant measure for SPDEs with reflection




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