The files of the talks are available below.

Invited Speakers

1 AbdulRahman AL-HUSSEIN Sufficient Conditions for Optimality for Stochastic Evolution Equations
2 Khaled BAHLALI Itô-Krylov Formula in BSDEs. Applications to Quadratic BSDEs
3 Lucian BEZNEA Potential Theory of Infinite Dimensional Lévy Processes
4 Zdzislaw BRZEZNIAK Stochastic Parabolic and Wave Equations with Geometric Constraints
5 Ovidiu CÂRJĂ Regularity of the Solution Map for Differential Inclusions
6 Aurelian CERNEA On Local Controllability for a Class of Fractional Differential Inclusions
7 Mieczyslaw CICHOŃ Dynamic equations and non-absolute integrals in Banach spaces
8 Dan CRISAN Particle Approximations for the Solution of the Filtering Problem
9 Giulia DI NUNNO Integral Representations and BSDE's Driven by Doubly Stochastic Poisson Processes
10 Tzanko DONCHEV Euler Approximations of Impulsive Delay Differential Equations
11 M’hamed EDDAHBI BSDEs associated with Lévy processes
12 Hans-Jürgen ENGELBERT On the Martingale Property of Stochastic Exponentials for Continuous Local Martingales
13 El Hassan ESSAKY Generalized Snell Envelope and BSDE with General Obstacles
14 Andrzej FRYSZKOWSKI Pointwise Comparison Principle for Clamped Timoshenko Beam
15 Stefan GEISS Gradient and Hessian Estimates for Parabolic PDEs and Muckenhoupt Weights
16 Pando G. GEORGIEV Reproducing Kernel Banach Spaces and Applications
17 Dan GOREAC Controlled PDMPs Associated to Gene Networks
18 Sigurdur Freyr HAFSTEIN Algorithm to Compute Lyapunov Functions for Nonlinear Systems
19 Dimitar KOLEV Stability for Parabolic Equations with “maxima”
20 Juan LI Optimal Control of Stochastic Differential Systems Reflected in a Domain
21 Terry J. LYONS The Expected Signature of a Stochastic Process. Some new PDE's and Some Applications
22 Jin MA Stochastic Differential Equations Driven by Fractional Brownian Motion and Poisson Point Process
23 Bohdan MASLOWSKI Controllability and Law Equivalence of Infinite Dimensional Stochastic Equations
24 Marie-Amélie MORLAIS Study of a General Switching Game
25 Michael OBERGUGGENBERGER SDEs and SPDEs with Random Set Coefficients
26 Youssef OUKNINE On the Time Inhomogeneous Skew Brownian Motion
27 Shige PENG Risk, Uncertainty and Nonlinear Expectation Theory
28 Shige PENG BSDEs driven by G-Brownian motion
29 Slawomir PLASKACZ Viability Approach to Value Functions in Optimal Control and Differential Games
30 Monique PONTIER Reducing the Debt: is it Optimal to Outsource an Investment?
31 Nicolas PRIVAULT Laplace Transform Identities and Measure Invariance on the Lie-Wiener-Poisson Spaces
32 Andrzej ROZKOSZ On Semilinear Elliptic Equations with Measure Data
33 Francesco RUSSO Probabilistic Representation of a Generalized Porous Media Type Equation: the Deterministic and Stochastic Cases
34 Leszek SLOMINSKI On Approximations of Reflected Diffusions via Penalization Methods
35 Ion Lucretiu STOICA Scalar Conservation Laws with Fractional Stochastic Forcing
36 Nizar TOUZI Viscosity Solutions of Fully Nonlinear Path-Dependent PDEs
37 Gabriel TURINICI Numerical Approaches and Modeling of Multiple Agents in Uncertain Environment

Contributed Talk

1 Gabriela APREUTESEI An optimal control problem applied in epidemiology
2 Dominika BOGUSZ Optimal Advertising Strategies in Age-structured Goodwill Model
3 Kinga CICHON Differential Inclusions and the Pettis Integral
4 Paolo DI TELLA On the Predictable Representation Property of Martingales Associated with Lévy Processes
5 Narcisa DUMITRIU Optimality Conditions for a Reaction-Diffusion Model from Population Dynamics
6 Giorgio FERRARI Identifying the Free Boundary of a Stochastic, Irreversible Investment Problem via the Bank-El Karoui Representation Theorem
7 Christel GEISS L2-Variation of Lévy Driven BSDEs with non-Lipschitz Terminal Conditions
8 Mariusz GÓRAJSKI Ergodic Properties of Stochastic Delay Equations in Lp Banach Spaces
9 Anton IBRAGIMOV G-PDE with Linear Unbounded first Order Term in Infinite Dimensional Spaces
10 Alina Ilinca LAZU On the Regularity of the Solution Set of Differential Inclusions
11 Oana LUPAŞCU Markov Processes and Martingale Problem Associated with Subordinations in the Sense of Bochner of Lp-semigroups
12 Ionuț MUNTEANU Boundary Feedback Stabilization of Periodic Fluid Flows in a Magnetohydrodynamic Channel
13 Victor POSTOLACHE Invariance for Fully Nonlinear Differential Inclusions
14 Iulian STOLERIU Periodic Orbits of a Pair of Coupled Oscillators Near Resonance
15 Juha YLINEN BMO-estimates for BSDEs


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