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Post-doc and VS Recruitment

Our ITN network offers:

  • 6 postdoctoral positions. Duration: 6 months.

These post-doc positions are envisaged for the following periods:

  • Manchester: 2nd half of the academic year 2008-2009;
  • Marrakech: 2nd half of the academic year 2009-2010;
  • Jena: 2nd half of the academic year 2010-2011;
  • Milano: 2nd half of the academic year 2010-2011;
  • Iasi: 2nd half of the academic year 2011-2012;
  • Brest: 2nd half of the academic year 2011-2012.


Applications for postdoctoral positions

Applications (in English) should include:

  • CV - Europass type (please include a recent photo);
  • Certificates of the Diplomas/Degrees obtained (Bachelor's, Master's, PhD or equivalent graduate studies);
  • The official Academic Record (or transcript of grades) for the relevant degrees mentioned above e.g. BA, M.Sc. etc. Where applicable, please make the grading system explicit;
  • The PhD Thesis (or an equivalent thesis) accompanied by the referee's report, if available;
  • A letter of Intention mentioning the scientific experience, knowledge, competences, goals; it should also include an expressed option for the ITN team(s) desired by the candidate;
  • Letters of Recommendation (at least one). In the event that the candidate has not yet obtained his/her PhD degree, a letter of recommendation from their thesis supervisor is required.
Candidates for post-doc positions are invited to contact only the scientist-in-charge responsible with the recruitment for the respective host institution. All e-mail addresses can be found on the Contact page.

Visiting Scientists

Calls for visiting scientists (VS) for 1 to 2 months stays are available in all teams, according to the schedule below:

TeamNumber of recruited VSPeriod
Jena2February-March 2009
Manchester1July-August 2009
Brest1Spring 2010
Marrakech1Autumn 2010
Iasi 22012

This call addresses scientists with outstanding past achievements in international training and collaborative research, as follows: VS >10, experienced scientists with more than 10 years of research experience, as well as younger scientists whose research experience is between 4 and 10 years (VS <10). For further information on the appointment conditions, all VS interested are invited to contact the Coordinator or the respective team responsible.

We invite all interested students, young researchers as well as experienced researchers to contact us for further information or queries and to apply for the above positions.

The Coordinator and the Scientific Coordinator will be glad to answer your questions. Feel free to contact any of our ITN team members, whose contact details can be found by clicking on Contact.

Candidacy of Women

According to the EU gender policy, the candidacy of women is strongly encouraged.

PhD Recruitment Results 

The PhD fellows already recruited are listed in the table below:

IasiGASSOUS Mohamed Anouar, Morocco [masigassous@gmail.com] prof. Aurel RăşcanuEduard Rotenstein
Adrian Zălinescu
Oblique reflection in stochastic models
IasiPOSTOLACHE Victor, Moldova [postolachevictor@yahoo.com] prof. Ovidiu Cârjăprof. Ioan VrabieDifferential inclusions
IasiLIU Hanbing, China [hanbing272003@yahoo.com.cn] prof. Viorel BarbuAdrian ZălinescuOptimal control problems for Navier-Stokes equations
Iasi-BrestNIE TianYang, China [nietianyang@163.com] prof. Aurel Răşcanu
prof. Rainer Buckdahn
Lucian Maticiuc
prof. Ying Hu
Stochastic viability and fractional Brownian motion
BrestJING Shuai, China [Shuai.Jing@univ-brest.fr] prof. Rainer Buckdahn SDEs and SPDEs driven by a fractional Brownian motion with Hurst parameter 0< H <1
BrestLIN Qian, China [Qian.Lin@univ-brest.fr] prof. Rainer Buckdahnprof. Ying HuG-expectation, a nonlinear expectation
BrestGRÜN Christine, Germany [christine.gruen@tu-berlin.de] prof. Catherine Rainer
Prof. Pierre Cardaliaguet
No scientific monitorThe analysis of stochastic differential games with imperfect information
Brest-JenaBEDINI Matteo, Italy [Matteo.Bedini@univ-brest.fr] prof. Rainer Buckdahn
prof. Hans-Jürgen Engelbert
No scientific monitorStochastic control Methods related to Finance
Brest-ShandongZHANG Liangquan, China [Liangquan.Zhang@etudiant.univ-brest.fr] prof. Marc Quincampoix
Prof. Zhen Wu
Prof. Khaled BahlaliLimited Problems on Stochastic Control
JenaANDRUSIV Andrii, Ukraine [andrii.andrusiv@uni-jena.de] prof. Hans-Jürgen EngelbertStefan BleiStochastic Models in Finance and Insurance
JenaDI TELLA Paolo, Italy [paoloditella@polimi.it] prof. Hans-Jürgen EngelbertStefan BleiStochastic Differential Equations and Applications to Finance and Insurance
ManchesterYANG Xue, China [yangcl@vip.sina.com] Prof. Tusheng ZhangRon DoneyProbabilistic approaches to boundary value problems of elliptic operators with singular coefficients
MarrakechAAZIZI Soufiane, Morocco [aazizi.soufiane@gmail.com] prof. Youssef OuknineEl Hassan Es-sakyReflected BSDE with switching


vacant position

LAHLOU Alamine, Morocco [alamine.lahlou@gmail.com]

only 1 year

prof. Youssef OuknineProf. Mhamed Eddahbi BSDE in finite space and approximation
Jena-ManchesterISSOGLIO Elena, Italy [elena.issoglio@uni-jena.de] prof. Martina Zähle
prof. Tusheng Zhang
Michael Hinz
Markus Riedle
On a Stochastic Transport PDE with Fractal Noise
Manchester-IasiYANG Juan (Blythe), China [yangjuanyj_6@live.cn] prof. Tusheng Zhang
prof. T. Havârneanu
Ron DoneyStochastic partial differential equations with reflection
MilanoMETZLER Holger, Germany [holger.metzler@sv-isolator.de] prof. Gianmario TessitoreF. MasieroMultidimensional BSDEs in infinite horizon
MilanoIBRAGIMOV Anton, Ukraine [ibrahimov.ag@gmail.com] prof. Marco FuhrmanF. GozziG expectation in infinite dimensions
Milano-IasiDIOMANDE Bakarime, Morocco [diomandebakarime@yahoo.fr] prof. G. Tessiore
prof. Aurel Răşcanu
Fulvia Confortola
Lucian Maticiuc
Optimal control and viability of stochastic equations with memory