Articles to appear in forthcoming issues

An analytic and numerical study for two classes of differential equations of fractional order involving Caputo and Khlalil derivatives
Mahdi Rakah, Ahmed Anber, Zoubir Dahmani, Iqbal Jebril
On equality of coset preserving subcentral automorphisms
Parisa Seifizadeh, Amir Ali Farokhniaee
Approximation by means of Fourier trigonometric series in Morrey spaces
Sadulla Z. Jafarov
A novel generating functions of binary products of Gaussian (p; q)-numbers with trivariate Fibonacci polynomials
Nabiha Saba, Ali Boussayoud, Baghdadi Aloui
Unification of relative versions of some star-covering properties
Ritu Sen
A study on (m,n)-centralizer finite rings
Tai Chong Chan, Kiat Tat Qua, Denis Chee Keong Wong
A study of Jordan involution on prime rings involving derivations
Adnan Abbasi, Abdul Nadim Khan, Muzibur Rahman Mozumder
The radial curvature of plane curves
Mircea Crasmareanu