Articles accepted to appear in forthcoming issues

Co-filter in Γ-semigroups ordered under co-order
Daniel Romano

A Finsler metric of constant Gauss curvature K=1 on 2-sphere

Sorin Sabau, I. Masca, H. Shimada

K-regularity and intra k-regularity on idempotent bi-semimodules of a Morita context of Semirings

K. Chakraborty, Sujit Kumar Sardar, K.P.Shum

The algebraic theory of matrix of matrices polynomials

Z. Kishka, M. Saleem, A. Elrawy

Matrix manipulations for properties of Fibonacci p-numbers and their generalizations

Ömür Deveci,  Anthony G. Shannon

Analysis of a thermo-viscoelastic antiplane contact problem with long-term memory

Rachid Chougui, Lebri Nemira

New generalization of midpoint type inequalities for fractional integral

Hüseyin Budak, Rabia Kapucu

Magic conics, their integer points and complementary ellipses

Mircea Crâșmăreanu

Result on an integral function of an integral function represented by Dirichlet series

Nibha Dua, Niraj Kumar

(s1,s2) – Padovan matrix sequence and the case of generalization

Renata Vieira, Francisco Regis Alves, Paula Catarino

Are nil-clean 3×3 integral matrices, exchange?

Grigore Călugăreanu,  Horia F. Pop

Symmetric Functions of Binary Products of Bivariate Complex Lucas Polynomials and some Special Numbers and Polynomials

Nabiha Saba, Souhila Boughaba, Ali Boussayoud

Slant submanifolds in an almost paracontact metric manifold

Sunil Kumar Chanyal

On Gauss third-order Jacobsthal numbers and their applications

Gamaliel Cerda-Morales

Some reduction theorems for even-dimensional slant submanifolds of a C C12-manifold

S. de Candia, M. Falcitelli

On a new generalization of bihyperbolic Pell numbers

Dorota Bród, Anetta Szynal-Liana, Iwona Włoch

A generalized Perrin polynomial sequence and its two-dimensional recurrences

Milena Carolina dos Santos Mangueira, Renata Passos Machado Vieira, Francisco Régis Vieira Alves, Paula Maria Machado Cruz Catarino

Von Neumann regular semimodule

M. K. Sen, S. K. Maity, Sabnam Swomin

Extended zero divisor graph on commutative semigroup

Mohammad Ashraf, Mohit Kumar

Holomorph of extra-special  finite p–group

Parisa Seifizadeh, Mohammad Mehdi Nasrabadi

On higher derivations of partially ordered sets

Abdelkarim Boua, Ahmed Y. Abdelwanis, Nadeem Ur Rehman

Directed approximate fibrations

I. Pop