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Wednesday, September 3, 2008
Registration Gaudeamus Hotel Lounge 17:00-19:00

Thursday, September 4, 2008
Registration Academia Romana Hall 08:45-09:00
M. Iannelli An age-structured model of epidermis growth 09:00-09:40
V. Volpert Mathematical modeling of normal and leukemic hematopoiesis 09:40-10:20
G. Dimitriu An optimal control problem in adoptive cellular immunotherapy 10:20-10:50
Cofee break . 10:50-11:10
A. Gandolfi Reoxygenation and response to radiation in a tumour cord model 11:10-11:50
D. Coca Diffuse optical tomography of heterogenous media using MRI-derived anatomical information 11:50-12:30
A. Ducrot Travelling wave solutions for some models in phytopathology 12:30-13:00
Lunch . 13:00-14:45
V. Capasso On the stochastic modelling of interacting populations 15:00-15:40
D. Manoussaki The cochlear spiral affects low frequency hearing 15:40-16:20
G. Marinoschi A control problem for an age-structured population in a multi-layer habitat 16:20-16:50
Cofee break . 16:50-17:10
A. Halanay Mathematical models for treatment action on population of tumoral cells 17:10-17:50
V. Arnautu Numerical results for an age-dependent population model with logistic term 17:50-18:20
G. Litcanu Global well­posedness for some mathematical models describing chemotaxis processes 18:20-18:50

Friday, September 5, 2008
P. Auger Modelling fishery dynamics: effect of fast price variation 09:00-09:40
A. Tesei A forward­backward parabolic equation arising in population dynamics 09:40-10:20
S. Anita Internal stabilization for some reaction-diffusion systems 10:20-10:50
Cofee break . 10:50-11:10
B. Ainseba TBA 11:10-11:50
M. Langlais Basic predator-prey systems on non-coincident discrete or continuous spatial domains: some numerical experiments 11:50-12:30
L. Pujo-Menjouet Role of Gro/TLE1 in Hes1 finely tuned oscillatory response upon activation 12:30-13:00
Lunch . 13:00-14:45
J. Henry TBA 15:00-15:40
N. Apreutesei Travelling wave solutions for integro-differential equations in population dynamics 15:40-16:20
I. Burdujan Quadratic differential systems as mathematical models in life science 16:20-16:50
M. Munteanu Decoupled Schwarz algorithms for implicit discretization of Bidomain LR1 system 16:50-17:20
Cofee break . 17:20-17:40
Poster session . 17:40-19:00

Posters Friday, September 5, 2008 .
M. Apetrii Generalized M-convex functions .
C. Ciutureanu Numerical results in age-structure population dynamics with diffusion in heterogeneous habitats .
G. Dura, AM. Mosneagu Numerical results for finance mathematics models .
R. Moleriu The modeling and simulation of cell death in thymus .
O. Tarniceriu Optimal control for a size structured system .
R. Stefanescu Numerical approach of a semilinear parabolic problem with free boundary problem for a predator-prey model .

Saturday, September 6, 2008
Excursion . 09:00-17:00
Banquet Academia Romana Hall 19:00-21:00

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