Recent work:


Ioan Bucataru, Zoltan Muzsnay: Non-existence of Funk functions for Finsler spaces of non-vanishing scalar flag curvature.


Ioan Bucataru, Tamas Milkovszki, Zoltan Muzsnay: Invariant metrizability and projective metrizability on Lie groups and homogeneous spaces.


Ioan Bucataru: Funk functions and projective deformations of sprays and Finsler spaces of scalar flag curvature.


Ioan Bucataru, Oana Constantinescu: Generalized Helmholtz conditions for non-conservative Lagrangian systems.


Lucia Bua, Ioan Bucatru, Manuel de Leon, Modesto Salgado, Silvia Vilarino: Symmetries in Lagrangian Field Theory.



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