The participants receiving financial support will be hosted at the Gaudeamus Hotel or the Akademos Hotel of the University. A limited number of rooms will be also available for other participants. If interested, please mention this in the "Remarks" section on the registration form.

If you prefer other hotel, you are kindly asked to contact one of the following hotels situated in the proximity of the university.

  • Astoria Hotel (3*) :; e-mail: (1.02 km)
  • Traian Hotel (4*) :; (1.05 km)
  • Unirea Hotel (4*) :; e-mail: (1.09 km)
  • Select Hotel (4*) :; e-mail: (1.23 km)
  • Moldova Hotel (3*) :; e-mail: (2.22 km)



0 - "Al. I. Cuza" University, Bd. Carol I, Nr. 11
1 - Gaudeamus Hotel, Codrescu Str., Nr. 1
2 - Akademos Hotel, Păcurari Str., Nr. 6
3 - Astoria Hotel, Lăpuşneanu Str., Nr. 1
4 - Traian Hotel, Piaţa Unirii, Nr. 1
5 - Unirea Hotel, Piaţa Unirii, Nr. 5
6 - Select Hotel, 14 Decembrie 1989 Str., Nr. 2
7 - Moldova Hotel, Anastasie Panu Str., Nr. 31
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The airport is situated just outside the city, at about 8 km from the Gaudeamus Hotel. We recommend you to take a taxi to the hotel (they are signalized, painted yellow with big logos and phone numbers). They are also all metered. The fee from the airport to the hotel is around 30-35 RON (around 8 Euro). Inside the airport building you can find some ATM's and exchange offices.


The address to be given to the taxi driver is


Hotel Gaudeamus of the "Al. I. Cuza" University

Str. Codrescu nr. 1


At the hotel the rooms have all the usual amenities. The breakfast is included. There is a 24 hours reception. However, the hotel is not in the public circuit and reservations can be made only via the university administration.

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Gaudeamus Hotel