EXPLORATORY RESEARCH PROJECT PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0084, nr. 239/05.10.2011

Director: Prof. dr. Constantin ZALINESCU


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Proposal's Title: Regularity and sensitivity in multicriteria optimization
Acronym: PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0084

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1.2 Abstract

The present proposal is focused on the relationships between the methods and results of nonlinear and variational analysis and the specific structure of vector optimization problems governed by nonsmooth data. In fact, the topic of this project is a part of the general domain of nonlinear programming with applications in Economics. This field is very important from theoretical as well as from practical point of view and our project refers to three detailed research problems within this area which are unified by convergence of objectives and methods. The main objectives are:

Stability and regularity in vector optimization (Task 1)

We aim to extend the study of the global error bounds for vector-linear programming and further investigate the metric regularity of parametric variational systems in the case of a general field map in order to get new constraint qualification conditions. In contrast to the scalar case, these questions will be investigated under fairly different methods and tools because our intention is to tackle far more general cases including the set-valued data both for parametric and non parametric settings.

Variational methods in vector optimization and applications (Task 2)

Within this objective, new extensions of the Ekeland Variational Principle for set-valued and single-valued mappings in infinite-dimensional spaces are envisaged together with their consequences concerning Palais-Smale type conditions for set-valued mappings with values in partially ordered spaces. This research will rely on the project leader former works in this direction and a deep and comprehensive analysis of Vector Variational Principles, would become the basis for new existence conditions for minima of general vector optimization problems.

Numerical variational analysis in vector optimization (Task 3)

Within this objective we shall perform a numerical variational analysis of generalized vectorial programs. This is an entire new approach in vector optimization, and our study will initially follow the scalar case, but we expect to face many problems specific to the vector case. Finally, we expect to get thus a stable numerical scheme for some general vector optimization problems under explicit constraints.


Crt Nr. Family and given names Year of birth Scientific title PhD
1 Durea Marius 1975 Associate Professor Yes
2 Strugariu Claudiu Raducu 1978 Associate Professor Yes
4 Acsinte Elena-Andreea 1990 Researcher No


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