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Proposal's Title: Variational approaches to set-valued optimization and applications
Acronym: VASVOA

1.1 Thematic fields :

1.2 Abstract

The research grant application we propose aims a thorough study of set-valued vector optimization problems, a topic which is at the confluence of the areas of nonlinear variational analysis and optimization theory. Both the multitude of applications in various fields (including economic sciences, artificial intelligence, behavioral sciences), and the important growth of this very active field of research in the last two decades motivate us to develop our investigation which will be based on the modern tools of variational analysis and vector optimization. Our scientific demarche refers to three classes of problems that are very important in order to emphasize new aspects in the theory of set-valued optimization and this can generate a new impetus for practical applications. Besides the intrinsic links between the problems we want to explore, an argument that unifies and increases the success chances of our study is the convergence of the objectives and methods we envisage. Another motivation for our approach is the project leader's recent book on the subject. In the last years, new aspects of the optimization problems were emphasized, which naturally required the introduction and the study of more refined variational principles and specialized regularity concepts for set-valued mappings, as different properties of subregularity, directional regularities, or fixed-set regularities. Therefore, these new aspects provided more refined tools for the study of problems with an increased degree of precision in the modeling of the real world. This is the case of vector optimization problems with variable ordering structures, a very recent area of research, with multiple applications in medical sciences, behavioral sciences and Economics. This area of research is at the core of our proposal.


Nr.Crt Family and given names Year of birth Scientific title PhD
1 Zalinecu Constantin 1952 Professor Yes
2 Durea Marius 1975 Professor Yes
3 Strugariu Claudiu Raducu 1978 Professor Yes
4 Pantiruc Marian-Dumitru 1977 Lecturer Yes
5 Florea Elena-Andreea 1990 Research Assistant Yes
6 Chelmus Dumitru-Teodor 1993 PhD student No
7 Plop Diana Elena 1994 Master student No


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