Exploratory Research Project PN-III-P4-PCE-2021-0690, PCE 71/02.06.2022

Director: Prof. dr. Constantin ZALINESCU


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Proposal's Title: Variational Analysis over Cones and Applications to Vector Optimization

1.1 Thematic fields :
  • 11 Main Sciences: Mathematics

1.2 Abstract

The research grant application we propose aims at exploring several new ideas and aspects concerning three classes of general questions in the theory of vector and set-valued optimization. The wide range of applications in various fields (including finance and machine learning) motivates our intention to generate, by the objectives and methods we envisage, a driving force for a more flexible modelling of several types of practical applications. More specifically, the main questions we propose to study are related to: variational analysis over cones, concerning the algebraic and topological properties of cones in general vector spaces; directional phenomena in Pareto efficiency, aiming a higher degree of flexibility in the possible choices of a decision maker by the use of cones of special directions; the investigation, by means of some adapted metric regularity concepts, of some numerical properties. Taking into account that the project leader is deeply involved in all the areas of research that are interconnected in the framework of this proposal (convex analysis, nonsmooth and variational analysis, set-valued optimization), and the scientific expertise of the proposed team, we believe that these objectives are achievable.


Nr.Crt Family and given names Year of birth Scientific title PhD
1 Zalinescu Constantin 1952 Professor Yes
2 Durea Marius 1975 Professor Yes
3 Strugariu Claudiu Raducu 1978 Professor Yes
4 Acsinte (Florea) Elena-Andreea 1990 Lecturer Yes
5 Stanciu Malina-Maria 1997 PhD Student No
6 Mirciu Diana-Elena 1999 Master Student No


The main objectives of the projects are:

  • 1. Variational analysis over cones
    • 1.1. Algebraic and topological properties of cones and variational principles
    • 1.2. Cone enlargements and cone separation
    • 1.3. Minimality principles in vector optimization and applications
  • 2. Applications to vector optimization
    • 2.1. New types of regularities for mapping and optimality conditions for Pareto efficiency
    • 2.2. Stability and numerical variational analysis for Pareto efficiency

  • 1st stage of impementation (2022) - one scientific paper
  • 2nd stage of impementation (2023) - two scientific papers
  • 3rd stage of impementation (2024) - two scientific papers



Results 2022